Affordable quality

At Specialist Eye Centre, our pricing is transparent, honest and all-inclusive. Our prices are not based on your prescription so the price you see is the price you pay. There are no hidden extras and no sliding scale price gimmicks. 

Laser eye surgery may seem like an expensive option, but in the long run, it could actually save you money, compared to the cost of glasses and contact lenses. 

What Does Laser Eye Surgery Cost?

The cost of your surgery will vary depending on the procedure you have. During your initial consultation we will discuss the options and costs with you.

The current cost of Laser Vision Correction through Specialist Eye Centre varies between $3350 and $3980 per eye, when you have surgery on two eyes. This includes post-operative consultations and enhancements/"touch-ups" for 12 months.

Your initial consultation with Dr Fernando ($260) is potentially refundable making the overall cost between $3300 and $3850 per eye.  Your surgical fee will be reduced by $260 if you have both eyes treated on the same day (within 6 months of the initial consultation) and settle your account within 7 days of surgery.

Please note fees are subject to change. You will be given a detailed quote at the time of your consultation.

The laser eye surgery fee includes:

  • Laser facility fees
  • Surgeon's fees
  • Initial post-operative medications, post-operative eye protection
  • Routine after-care for 6 months post-operatively
  • Enhancements (where clinically indicated) for the first 12 months

Are your prices competitive?

Yes. We are in the middle range, compared to providers in Sydney. We do not attempt to compete with discount laser clinics, as we make no compromises on your vision and outcome. We do not use anything other than the most up-to-date diagnostic and laser equipment which are very costly to buy, lease, and maintain. Be aware of conditions and restrictions imposed by low-cost competitors.

Do any rebates apply for laser eye surgery?

Medicare rebates do not apply unless you are having laser surgery for residual astigmatism following cataract surgery.

Some health funds rebate for laser eye surgery - check with yours.

Is finance available?

If you would prefer to pay off the surgery over time then we have arrangements with medical procedure finance companies to schedule payments. Note that your arrangements are with the finance company and not with us directly. For many patients it is the most affordable option. In some cases interest free periods may be available.